Located along the pacific coast of Baja, this unique and exquisite development opportunity offers a stunning 53 acres with a 1/4-mile stretch of ocean frontage. In total, Rancho del Pacifico consists of two parcels. The ocean parcel is 23.1 acres and the inland parcel is 29.8 acres with approximately 1/4 mile of frontage on both sides of the newly expanded coastal highway #19. With the recently expanded San José International Airport less than an hour and a half away, this property offers exciting commercial opportunities.

 Should you wish a smaller sized property, The Jewel of Gaspareno which is a little less than 1/2 the total property at 24.83 acres. The highlight of this property is the promontory point rising approximately 100 feet above the shore at the southern end of the property. The remainder of the oceanside parcel gently slopes to the Pacific, offering exceptional views. There is 170 meters beachfront and also consists of two parcels. The ocean parcel is 11.5 acres and the inland parcel is 13.33 acres with approximately 181 meters of frontage on both sides of the newly expanded coastal highway #19.

Legendary Rancho del Pacifico is centrally located just north of vacation hot spot Cabo San Lucas and 25 minutes south of the magical town of Todos Santos. 

With an unparalleled natural setting and beauty, historical sites including pre-Columbian Indian Heritage and an authentic pirate's cave, your dreams can run wild.

 The property is well suited for a resort hotel, restaurant and bar, beach club, commercial market place, residential, organic farming, research center, medical facility, etc.

 As it is becoming increasingly mandatory from both a moral and financial standpoint that a development should be respectful of the environment, Rancho del Pacifico has the potential to be a testament to this mission bringing pride to both local residents and government alike.

 Deeded water rights were confirmed and renewed by the Conagua, the Mexican Government National Water Authority in December, of 2013. A water well, with current permits, along with abundant concession permits for extracting agricultural and service water [for development] is in place. The water is clear and sweet.

 A certified affidavit from the office of the Catastro, stating the property is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, this document was received on December 28th 2013. The Catastro is the Property Registry Division of the Mexican Treasury Department. Recent survey, as of January 2014 provided, Official Government Certification of all boundaries. This information can be found in the Public Registry, which can be located in the office of the Catastro.    

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Rancho del Pacifico, Baja California Sur, Mexico
24.83 Acre Premiere Property - "The Jewel" offered at $6,990,000. USD 

or the entire 53+Acre Development Opportunity for $11,680,000. USD​​

Rancho del Pacifico

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